Busy schedule = Exciting Recap

Busy schedule = Exciting Recap

After an amazing and busy event season, I finally found the time to share this exciting event recap with you. Over the last few months, I have had so many unique celebrations, from a baby girl’s birthday party to my birthday celebration and many lovely weddings.

As you may know, I’ve been a wedding planner for the last 12 years, and now looking at my calendar, I’m so happy to see that my first anniversary as a Destination Event Planner with my own company is around the corner! I am so grateful to realize how far I have come with my company and with my own amazing and talented team. To my family and dear friends: THANK YOU!!! I don’t know how to say thank you enough for all of the love and support pouring in! 

Yacht Birthday Party

Being surrounded by people so close to my heart during my last birthday was all I could ask for. Every year, I love to enjoy my birthday to the fullest, and this year was not an exception. I planned a sunset yacht white party. As an event planner, you can only imagine how perfectly I wanted my party to be for all my guests, so I welcomed them with a delicious grazing table and signature cocktails. After sunset, I had my favorite birthday chocolate cake, and assorted sweets were also served. We had so much fun and danced the night away with the Dj. I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends in my life. I’m sure I will treasure these memories forever! Click here for my recap video.

Carola’s in ONEderland Party

It was a pleasure being part of the cutest birthday party ever! Carola’s in ONEderland party, celebrating her first year. Everything turned out to be incredibly gorgeous. We created a fantastic party for kids thanks to the incredible team of vendors. I’m still obsessed with the beautiful details like the butterflies we added around the party, the pastel color palette, and the lovely cake. It was such an adorable touch! And the best part was to see Carola enjoying her party so much!

Thank you to my wonderful clients. 

I started the year marking the dates for my upcoming events, and now in this part of the year, I’m excited to see the final results. Every couple has been a joy to work with. Mellisa and Michael’s wedding at Las Ventanas al Paraiso was a dream come true, and seeing all the love on their faces was bliss. Last but not least, Tahli and David’s unforgettable wedding day at Chileno Bay Resort was spectacular in every single way. I love to relieve all these beautiful memories on my Instagram highlights. Please visit my profile if you would love to see what I’m talking about.


Having a fantastic team of people who supports me and help me achieve all the goals for every unique event is just incredible. I appreciate you, and you know you mean a lot to me, from all of my team of professionals who helped me on each event to the excellent team of vendors we created every single detail for each celebration: THANK YOU! 

I’m happy to share Raissa & Checo’s wedding photos in my portfolio. This energetic couple celebrated their love during the last weeks of 2021.

See you soon!
Claudia Morales

A Romantic Elopement in Los Cabos

A Romantic Elopement in Los Cabos

I had the pleasure to meet Katie & Bruce in January; a friend recommended them to contact me, as they were looking to do a romantic elopement in a Mexican destination. 

Their initial plan was to have a big wedding in 2021, and like many couples, they had to postpone their wedding two times, but their desire to make their dream wedding come true was strong. They didn’t want to wait any longer, and before the holiday break was over, they wanted to celebrate their love and say I do in a unique destination.

Katie & Bruce decided to do a destination elopement in Los Cabos and make their vision come to life. Who has met me knows that I love challenges, but what’s the challenge when planning an elopement? First, organize it in just four days; second, design everything to perfection.

I managed to find a perfect location for them during our first meeting. After talking to the couple about Las Ventanas al Paraíso and their beautiful areas overlooking the Sea of Cortez, they fell in love with this resort. There’s something special about saying I do in an exceptional venue like this.

The big day arrived, and all of our vendors were on time and ready to make their special day come to life. We started the morning with Makeup by Jeisa, who helped Katie look gorgeous on her wedding day.  

When the sun’s golden rays started to highlight our location, it was the perfect time to start the ceremony. Katie began walking down an aisle filled with flower petals. She looked so stunning! Francisco Alatorre’s music began to play while Bruce was waiting for her looking sharp and with a big smile on his face.

While hearing them say their beautiful vows to each other, I was in tears of joy. And even now, as I write this memory for you, I can’t help to shed a tear too. I completely felt their love surrounding the ceremony. After their elopement ceremony, the newlyweds enjoyed a delicious private dinner overlooking the Sea of Cortez and a toast for their happily ever after! 

Special thanks to Sara Richardson for capturing all these beautiful memories for our lovely couple and Diego Vidal for being the officiant of the ceremony for our couple, Katie & Bruce. See the full gallery here.


If you plan to make a destination wedding in Mexico, let’s turn your wedding into an unforgettable celebration. Contact me, and let’s talk about how I can bring your ideas to life.

See you soon!
Claudia Morales

How to throw a surprise party in Los Cabos

How to throw a surprise party in Los Cabos

Recently, I was part of a surprise birthday party in Cabo for a special couple in my life. Last year, I had the honor to plan Yoyo & Charles‘s wedding celebration at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos. This year, Charles contacted me to plan the ultimate birthday party for his wife. So, of course, I couldn’t resist such a fun project!

We started planning this surprise two months ahead. In the meantime, they were planning a small getaway with their closest friends and family and she had no idea what a fun weekend celebration we arranged for her 30th birthday! Guests enjoyed a fantastic time listening to a mariachi band upon arrival, a delightful pool day, and a private dinner gathering to wish Yoyo a happy birthday.

Birthday celebrations are so much fun. So I decided to share an insight into the essential on how to throw the ultimate surprise getaway party in Los Cabos to your loved one, your best friend, a family member, or any special person in your life.

Hire a planner. First of all, find a professional planner who will help you set the date, choose a fun theme, work on every aspect of the party, take care of details and elaborate the plan for your surprise party. A planner’s always essential in every event to ensure a big success! 

Find the venue. One of the core elements of any celebration is finding the perfect venue. This part is essential to set the mood for your celebration, whether is an intimate celebration for your closest friends or a big bash for an unforgettable night in Cabo, you can choose from a beach venue to a private villa or even a fabulous clubhouse. 

The cake. Would it be a birthday celebration without a cake? An icon for every fun party. Let’s get creative and find the right cake for your celebration. We can design a masterpiece just for you to blow out the candles in an epic celebration.

Music. To choose the perfect music for your party, you have to choose the perfect event theme. Keep all your guests dancing and having a wonderful time together with a band playing live all night, or if you prefer to keep a more relaxed vibe with a DJ, it’s also a good idea!

Fireworks. Light up the sky with a beautiful fireworks show. Illuminate the night and bring the most joyful moment for everyone. My recommendation, set the fireworks just before your guests hit the dance floor. This way we can get all the excitement of the fireworks and start the party!

As a Destination Event Planner, I have an excellent knowledge of Los Cabos area and  I always turn every party into a huge fun success. You can contact me to start planning your next Special Celebration in Los Cabos. In the meantime, you can take a look at this fantastic night here: Yoyo’s Surprise Party.

See you soon!
Claudia Morales

Morgan & Shawn’s Wedding

Morgan & Shawn’s Wedding

When Morgan and Shawn arrived in Los Cabos, I went to welcome them at their resort and I was so happy to see all the excitement on their faces when I met them: after months of planning, the wedding is happening!

Morgan and Shawn attended a wedding I planned three years ago; they fell in love with the spectacular wedding we had at Esperanza, an Auberge Resort, and of course, they wanted the experience to be the same quality for her big day as well. 

After looking for some of the best venues in Los Cabos, Morgan and Shaw decided that The Cape, a Thompson Hotel would be the perfect venue for their dream wedding. When they arrived, we did a little tour around the hotel and all the areas where their celebration would happen.

The wedding weekend started on Thursday with the arrival of all their guests. We had a fantastic welcome party to meet and greet everybody. We had a fun pool party with an epic setting overlooking the famous Land’s End landmark the next day. Here was the perfect location to relax and have fun with all their friends and family. 

That same day the Rehearsal Dinner was set at the beautiful Hacienda Cocina and Cantina, with a lovely Mexican atmosphere to welcome everybody properly to the most exciting destination wedding.

We enjoyed such a fantastic night with traditional Mexican flavors and lots of happy tears thanks to the beautiful speeches from the bride and groom. I’m very thankful for being mentioned during this speech, where they expressed all their happiness and feelings about the planning job and how perfectly planned everything was. 

Finally, the wedding day arrived. First, a delicious buffet was served in the bride’s penthouse to start getting ready with hair and make-up by the Cabo Flawless Team. Then we started adding the final touches for the wedding reception with the incredible floral design by Martha Lomeli. Meanwhile, the last details from the production by VVR Production and the party set up by Smartmusic were set for an unforgettable night.

When the sun started to settle down, guests began to arrive for the wedding ceremony. I have to admit this was the perfect setting for a destination wedding with the impressive Sea of Cortez as a background. Special thanks to Julia Franzosa for being the official photographer and Cinematic Touch for capturing every moment of the day for a memorable wedding video.

Part of my planning and timing was to show Morgan and Shawn the setup for their wedding reception before their guests. It’s such a special moment that I love to have with all couples, so they can have a moment to admire how their dreams do come true. Plus, I love to see their faces full of excitement.

The wedding reception was at the impressive The Rooftop at The Cape Hotel. Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner under the stars and some precious speeches from their friends. After a wonderful reception, the party officially started, where everyone danced all night thanks to the music from Jarrell Entertainment

To Morgan and Shawn, thank you again for letting me be part of your big day. It was such a joy to work with you. May your love continue growing every day!

See you soon!

10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

Hello again! 

I know how important it is to understand the personality of your event planner and the vendors you will be working with for your celebration. That’s why I would love to share with you some fun and exciting facts about me. I’m happy to share with you 10 things you probably didn’t know about me, and I’m sure after this, you will know where my joy and good attitude comes from every day. 

First things first, my favorite drink.

I have always been a fan of bubbles! You know, those sparkling drinks we enjoy on particular dates, sometimes in pink tones, sometimes mixed with juice. Well, you are right, I’m talking about Champagne!. Although, I have to admit that my favorite Champagne comes from Billecart, and it’s the Salmon Brut Rose, I never say no to any good champagne! So I guess that’s where my bubbly personality comes from, maybe?

My favorite restaurant in the whole world.

Every trip comes with delicious discoverings along the way. Choosing just one, it’s probably one of the hardest decisions to make. But, I have to admit that one of the most remarkable culinary experiences of my life was at Kjolle from Chef Pia Leon in Peru. Recently, she has been named The World’s Best Female Chef 2021 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021 Edition. But when I see you in Cabo I will be happy to take you to my favorite ones here!

Movies I have fallen in love with.

I love romance, and I love beautiful stories. My favorite movies are: Eat Pray Love, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Well I guess, I’m a huge fan of Julia Roberts, right? I can say that I have watched Eat Pray Love more than ten times now!

A city I would love to visit more often. 

I love to discover new cultures, try new flavors, and live new experiences when I travel. I’m forever grateful to all the people I met on my travels for sharing a good memory with me. One of my favorite cities I have traveled to, and I will always come back to, is Bali; I loved the city, the tranquility you feel by just being there, and how peaceful their people are. Not to forget are the sights and their delicious food!

A place I have always wanted to visit.

Rwanda has been on my bucket list for a while. Something about this African city and its culture appeals to me. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a vacation there, but now I’m planning for 2022 or maybe 2023. I’m so excited to go and meet the gorillas!

A memory during my first wedding planning job.

I was pretty nervous about my first wedding as a planner, and once I tell you about my first client, you will understand. She was a famous wedding planner with a big company in Australia, and it was a little intimidating for a beginner, you know?. But thanks to this, it was pretty easy to work with her as she relied on me entirely, and I am forever grateful for that. Finally, the wedding day came, and we enjoyed three days in a row of unique and successful events at Esperanza Resort.

My favorite type of venue.

Every couple I have had the pleasure to work with has always asked me this question for their wedding day; of course, I’m always happy to help! 

I love to work on beach venues. Probably a beach venue needs more planning because of all the necessary installations. But trust me, all beach weddings turned into the most fun-filled ceremonies with a particular sense of freedom, and of course, the chance to have the most memorable wedding under a thousand stars.

The perfect month for a wedding in Los Cabos.

For a destination wedding, we always look for the most enjoyable experience for all your guests. Therefore, in Los Cabos, I always recommend planning your events for the months of November, April, and May. From my experience, I can say that the weather is just perfect during these months, not too hot, not too cold, just lovely pleasant weather to enjoy your big day.

Wedding dress designers I love. 

Oh, the wedding dress! The essential piece of every wedding theme and aesthetic. This one is easy for me; my top three designers are Zuhair Murad, Galia Lavah, and Berta. Every bridal gown from them is pure art.

My favorite flowers.

Without giving it a second thought, my favorite flowers are Peonies, for sure! I love how this delicate flower makes everything pop up with its soft pink colors. I love how they are gorgeous to incorporate in flower arrangements.

Thank you for reading me! I hope you had so much fun reading this, as I enjoyed writing it. I would love to learn more about you as well. Do we have some things in common? 

I would love to hear from you,