How to throw a surprise party in Los Cabos

How to throw a surprise party in Los Cabos

Recently, I was part of a surprise birthday party in Cabo for a special couple in my life. Last year, I had the honor to plan Yoyo & Charles‘s wedding celebration at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos. This year, Charles contacted me to plan the ultimate birthday party for his wife. So, of course, I couldn’t resist such a fun project!

We started planning this surprise two months ahead. In the meantime, they were planning a small getaway with their closest friends and family and she had no idea what a fun weekend celebration we arranged for her 30th birthday! Guests enjoyed a fantastic time listening to a mariachi band upon arrival, a delightful pool day, and a private dinner gathering to wish Yoyo a happy birthday.

Birthday celebrations are so much fun. So I decided to share an insight into the essential on how to throw the ultimate surprise getaway party in Los Cabos to your loved one, your best friend, a family member, or any special person in your life.

Hire a planner. First of all, find a professional planner who will help you set the date, choose a fun theme, work on every aspect of the party, take care of details and elaborate the plan for your surprise party. A planner’s always essential in every event to ensure a big success! 

Find the venue. One of the core elements of any celebration is finding the perfect venue. This part is essential to set the mood for your celebration, whether is an intimate celebration for your closest friends or a big bash for an unforgettable night in Cabo, you can choose from a beach venue to a private villa or even a fabulous clubhouse. 

The cake. Would it be a birthday celebration without a cake? An icon for every fun party. Let’s get creative and find the right cake for your celebration. We can design a masterpiece just for you to blow out the candles in an epic celebration.

Music. To choose the perfect music for your party, you have to choose the perfect event theme. Keep all your guests dancing and having a wonderful time together with a band playing live all night, or if you prefer to keep a more relaxed vibe with a DJ, it’s also a good idea!

Fireworks. Light up the sky with a beautiful fireworks show. Illuminate the night and bring the most joyful moment for everyone. My recommendation, set the fireworks just before your guests hit the dance floor. This way we can get all the excitement of the fireworks and start the party!

As a Destination Event Planner, I have an excellent knowledge of Los Cabos area and  I always turn every party into a huge fun success. You can contact me to start planning your next Special Celebration in Los Cabos. In the meantime, you can take a look at this fantastic night here: Yoyo’s Surprise Party.

See you soon!
Claudia Morales