10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

Hello again! 

I know how important it is to understand the personality of your event planner and the vendors you will be working with for your celebration. That’s why I would love to share with you some fun and exciting facts about me. I’m happy to share with you 10 things you probably didn’t know about me, and I’m sure after this, you will know where my joy and good attitude comes from every day. 

First things first, my favorite drink.

I have always been a fan of bubbles! You know, those sparkling drinks we enjoy on particular dates, sometimes in pink tones, sometimes mixed with juice. Well, you are right, I’m talking about Champagne!. Although, I have to admit that my favorite Champagne comes from Billecart, and it’s the Salmon Brut Rose, I never say no to any good champagne! So I guess that’s where my bubbly personality comes from, maybe?

My favorite restaurant in the whole world.

Every trip comes with delicious discoverings along the way. Choosing just one, it’s probably one of the hardest decisions to make. But, I have to admit that one of the most remarkable culinary experiences of my life was at Kjolle from Chef Pia Leon in Peru. Recently, she has been named The World’s Best Female Chef 2021 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021 Edition. But when I see you in Cabo I will be happy to take you to my favorite ones here!

Movies I have fallen in love with.

I love romance, and I love beautiful stories. My favorite movies are: Eat Pray Love, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Well I guess, I’m a huge fan of Julia Roberts, right? I can say that I have watched Eat Pray Love more than ten times now!

A city I would love to visit more often. 

I love to discover new cultures, try new flavors, and live new experiences when I travel. I’m forever grateful to all the people I met on my travels for sharing a good memory with me. One of my favorite cities I have traveled to, and I will always come back to, is Bali; I loved the city, the tranquility you feel by just being there, and how peaceful their people are. Not to forget are the sights and their delicious food!

A place I have always wanted to visit.

Rwanda has been on my bucket list for a while. Something about this African city and its culture appeals to me. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a vacation there, but now I’m planning for 2022 or maybe 2023. I’m so excited to go and meet the gorillas!

A memory during my first wedding planning job.

I was pretty nervous about my first wedding as a planner, and once I tell you about my first client, you will understand. She was a famous wedding planner with a big company in Australia, and it was a little intimidating for a beginner, you know?. But thanks to this, it was pretty easy to work with her as she relied on me entirely, and I am forever grateful for that. Finally, the wedding day came, and we enjoyed three days in a row of unique and successful events at Esperanza Resort.

My favorite type of venue.

Every couple I have had the pleasure to work with has always asked me this question for their wedding day; of course, I’m always happy to help! 

I love to work on beach venues. Probably a beach venue needs more planning because of all the necessary installations. But trust me, all beach weddings turned into the most fun-filled ceremonies with a particular sense of freedom, and of course, the chance to have the most memorable wedding under a thousand stars.

The perfect month for a wedding in Los Cabos.

For a destination wedding, we always look for the most enjoyable experience for all your guests. Therefore, in Los Cabos, I always recommend planning your events for the months of November, April, and May. From my experience, I can say that the weather is just perfect during these months, not too hot, not too cold, just lovely pleasant weather to enjoy your big day.

Wedding dress designers I love. 

Oh, the wedding dress! The essential piece of every wedding theme and aesthetic. This one is easy for me; my top three designers are Zuhair Murad, Galia Lavah, and Berta. Every bridal gown from them is pure art.

My favorite flowers.

Without giving it a second thought, my favorite flowers are Peonies, for sure! I love how this delicate flower makes everything pop up with its soft pink colors. I love how they are gorgeous to incorporate in flower arrangements.

Thank you for reading me! I hope you had so much fun reading this, as I enjoyed writing it. I would love to learn more about you as well. Do we have some things in common? 

I would love to hear from you,